Basic Composites Practice-oriented textbook (paper copy)


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In this course composites subjects are taught using basic terms and concepts that are described in a practical way and are applied when processing composite materials. Basic techniques have been  described of, among other things, laminating by means of a hand lay-up, prepreg, pressing, resin infusion process, gluing and a composite repair. HSE aspects (environment and safety) are also explained extra. The textbook also covers solid and sandwich building and quality aspects that occur during the processing of composites. It is intended for craftsmen who want to work in the composites industry or are already working there. There are sectors in which there is a need for composites knowledge in education, for example, in educational institutions where MBO students (ROC) can choose the subject composites. Designers and engineering firms that increasingly have to deal with composites and want to gain knowledge about the possibilities with composites can also use this textbook. By reading this textbook, participants will get more and more interested in composites and will get inspiration to get more out of composites knowledge.

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Important: This is the paper copy of the Basic Composites Practice-oriented textbook